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ENTERTAIN NEAR YOU- 7th Step to Success



After the first 6 steps, there is another step that will take of most of a new business time,  Marketing.  This will be how a business make new sales, grow the business, and how everyone gets to know about the business.  In the beginning of a new business, marketing will take up a lot of the time, but as the business grows  the marketing will not need as much time.  Instead, marketing will need to done consistently.  There are differently ways to market a business.
The first way to market a new business will be by telling all the family members and close friends that the business have been started.  Some may not even know about the dream.  Remind them of the American dream, for every new citizen and some old ones too, of starting a business.  Put on 'A Joker's' smile & have a prepared story ready and add lots of booms and bams to it.  Be enthusiastic about it!  Smile from ear to ear!  Walk on your toes!  This is the proud baby!
The number one way new clients are made, is by Word of Mouth.  A business owner can only talk to so many people in 24/7,but with the help of others, a story can be told to 100s in hours.  1,000s in days.  Tell 1 or 2 people at a time.  Give each one 2 or 3 business cards a piece and ask them to tell their friends, family members too.  Word of mouth is the cheapest ways to market but seem to work the best.  Only if we could be at 2 places at once.
Today's society are so better off contacting others, with the Internet.  Before people had to dial the operator to make a long distance call or pay a high phone bill, just to talk to others out of state.   Now, just get on the computer and talk to others thousand of miles away.  A weekly blog or post on Facebook, should be consistently typed to keep clients/customers up-to-date, with an email address at the end of every post/blog.  A phone number would not be smart use because there are some who do not have others best interest.  Every business owner should had a separate email address, just for business related emails.  
If a business owner have some free time, they should volunteer their time at local schools or a crisis center.  Donating their time or profession, to the community will also give them a chance to market their business to other volunteers.  Other volunteers usually have some influences else where and with some people with connections.  There might be some other small business owners there, where referrals can be exchanged for discounts.  
Marketing is the act of telling others about the business/services a business owner offers.  There are a lot of paid ways to market a business, but a home-based business owner usually do not have a lot of money to market or they would had opened at a business at a location.  Remember, it is not how customers/clients grow or brings them in, just as long as they keep coming and they grow!
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