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Step one- Thinking About Starting A Home Based Business

If you are reading this, we would like to say Congratulations! You have are reading because you are having thoughts or have had thoughts of becoming your own boss. Thinking about starting your own business is the first step of many steps, in becoming a successful Entrepreneur. There are millions of other people who also thought about starting their own business, but some where down the road they fail and never tried to get back up. Hopefully you will the type who will gets back up after a failure because a person named Thomas Edison failed 1,000s of times before he finally succeeded in inventing the light bulb. Maybe your Light Bulb will come on!
Let's start by saying that there are more than 25 million businesses in the USA alone and 99% of them are considered to be a small business. A small business is considered a business with less than 500 employees. Over 50% of these small businesses are Home-base businesses and this number is growing daily and will continue to because of the internet.
What are the rewards of starting a home business? The rewards come in several ways. The main reward would be the financial reward that comes to some, but not everyone. There is the reward of not having someone literally, standing over your shoulders and telling you to do this, not do that, or why are you not doing anything. There is the reward of working when you want to or when you do not want to. I think the best reward is finding more time to spend with your family, if you start a home-base business. There are many other rewards but these are the top rewards. Which reward will make you happier? Why not, all of the above?
Home-base businesses usually are started and worked from home, but that does not mean you have to home all the time. Some home-base businesses can be done in your house, at a 3rd party premises, or even while you are on the road. Some home-base businesses will have you doing work at a client's house, another company, or at someone's house. It is up to work type of home-base business you decide on starting.
On our website, we (Entertain Near You) have listed our first 5 home-base businesses you can choose from, gave you some information on each of those businesses, and listed a place where you can learn about that particular business, at the bottom of every business. We will also be placing every step, that we post, on the website too. If you missed a step, you can find all this information on our website at: or on our Facebook page at
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