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IOur main goal is to promote a person's, small groups' or businesses' event.   We have a group of people, who we call 'Our Social Media Gurus', that put events on all the social networks.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, & Youtube.   We can promote your event on all of these medias and also in our monthly E-Letter.  If you have an event that you want us to promote, we offer services to promote it at a very reasonable price.   We know if we do right the 1st time, you will come back and bring your friends with you.   A birthday or anniversary can become an event everyone remembers!

Our Calendar Services

This is a free service we offer.  All you have to do is send us information about your event and we will add it onto our calendar and tell everyone about it alone with all the other events that we promote. 

We are working on adding other area of the country but for right now we are focusing on the Midwest.   We have not forgotten about you West Coast, East Coast, or The South.

Social Media Promotions

We will promote your event or your company on all the major social media platforms for a price.   This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, & soon we will  be offering to put you on Youtube, which would be a separate price because it requires a little more work but will get a lot more views.  

Entertain Near You E-letter

Every month, we send out an E-letter to all our members with all the events coming to their area.​

s E-letter contain events that will be coming in the following months.  We offer a service that your event will be sent to all members in a private E-letter only promoting your event.

We will send E-letter out once a week, until the event for only $10.00, $5.00 for members of Entertain Near You. 

Interested in hiring us to promote your special event? Let's Talk.​
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