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We are here to inform you of upcoming events in your area.



​Welcome to Entertain Near You.

A website designed abreast of entertainment news and events happening in and around your area.   Entertain Near You wants to be your conduit to the entertainment world.  If there is an event coming to your area, Entertain Near You wants to be the place you were informed about it.  

What type of event are we talking about?  Every type of event you can think of.  Concerts, Plays, Fairs, Festivals, Sporting Events, Casino Gaming, Fireworks, Horse Racing or many many more, Entertain Near You wants to be the place where you find all the information about an event.  Where will it be, When will it happen, & How much it will cost.   We do not want you to miss any event that you have plans on attending!    How will we let you know about these events?  We have a few different ways we plan on informing you. 

One way Entertain Near You plans to inform you on upcoming events,  is by way of our calendars.  Each state has a calendar of events coming to that state.  2nd way will be by the Entertain Near You Monthly E-Letter.  The E-letter is a Free monthly email sent by Entertain Near You with information on all upcoming events, where they will be, and when they will be there.

Thank You For Taking The Time To Visit Entertain Near You

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